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Looking for a {keyword5} in Montreal or a {keyword1} near you?

Call our Montreal {keyword3} today and they’ll help you find the {keyword4} you want at prices that you can afford.

Hundreds of {keyword2} located in Montreal !

Click on city names above to see how this plugin is going to help you!

Remember, this is just one page. This plugin can automatically update your entire site depending on what suffix is in the URL. Imagine the possibilities when used with your marketing campaigns?

What just happened?

Depending on what city was in the url…


City name changes everywhere on the page.


Image automatically changes to match the city and other images can change as well.


Visible phone number changes to a local number and so does any underlying click to call links on buttons.


A cookie can be created so that any time a visitor returns to your website, they are presented with local information every single time.


Not just for landing pages. This plugin can update entire sites, so that phone numbers, images and city names are updated on all web pages as long as the user has your cookie and for how long you set the cookie length.


Once you have your page layout and design elements setup, it takes less than one (1) minute to add each city, town, region, state, province or country!.

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